What is Toptech?


We started as technical consultants in 1989-90, with a wide, international network of contacts in the boat and ship building industries. The company has never been big (at the most four employees), and we don't plan on expanding. Often, we team up with other small companies and consultants to solve special problems or to meet deadlines. Networking is also our approach to the future.


Our work has been for Norwegian and international clients in a remarkably wide range of businesses including:



Boat builders

Ship owners and operators

Maritime and classification authorities

Engineering consultants

Industrial designers

Ship brokers





Nearly all of our projects have been carried out on a consultancy basis, sometimes from our office, sometimes on-site at our clients' premises. From our point of view, it is best to work on problem-solving projects with close access to our extensive sources of reference, i.e. from our office. Today's technology tends to strengthen that argument. But the client is always right, and we are quite prepared to travel if we must ...


The boss



From east coast Australia, with sunshine, sand, surf, sub-tropics, and a river that made an interest in boats inevitable. First job at a shipyard. Then a naval architecture degree in Sydney, learning the 'tricks of the trade' by working for yacht and boat designers.


After that, a move to the other side of the world, with classification society DNV. Many different, challenging international projects, a wide range of responsibilities and plenty of travel, including 3 years in Aus, and lucky enough to be in on the early days of the Australian and NZ fast ferry boom.  


Some things haven't changed. Still messing around in boats, travelling, painting occasionally. In theory, almost too old for sailing the 470, and for rowing, but still at it nevertheless!


470   Singles summer 04   Tind Harbour, Lofoten   Oil on board 80x60 cm


If you would like us to do some work for you, please send us a message - I look forward to hearing from you.


Barry Spradbrow, Oslo, Norway