What we do with structures, and how we do it


Finite element analysis of a high-speed planing boat - bottom slamming


Structural analyses for boatbuilders, shipyards, entrepeneurs, consultants


Cost effective direct computations. Design, analysis, evaluation of ships and other shell structures. Weight optimisation of structural components. Assessment of global and local structure, with comprehensive evaluations and detailed results.


Complete and accurate global models


Full 3-dimensional models are developed to study overall structural response and to evaluate critical aspects of the structural design. Rapid, efficient modelling significantly reduces project time and cost. Accurate structural representation includes all major details.


Structural design aspects


Major structural design aspects are evaluated. In ships, for example, this includes longitudinal bulkheads (often subject to shear and buckling problems), large openings in panels, and major structural intersections. Complex effects such as shear lag are evaluated. Structural models may be analysed for end-of-life conditions - with dimensions reduced by corrosion.


Load criteria


Structural analyses are performed for major load criteria. All major loading parameters are represented - fuel and other fluid tank loads, longitudinal weight distribution, point and local loads, structural inertia, and wave bending loads.




Results include assessment of structural deflections, stress conditions in principal structural members, structural failure evaluations such as buckling or collapse of panels, frames and girders, and classification requirements.


Specific failure modes are evaluated for panels, girders and frames. Results are presented graphically for each structural member in the entire structure for each loadcase, in a form that enables immediate identification of any structural problems.


This is a unique and comprehensive evaluation capability. Structural failure evaluations are extremely comprehensive. Detailed graphical presentation of results are easy to understand.


Results are used to evaluate overall structural integrity and to test design changes. The comprehensive loading descriptions and accurate, complete structural models give a high degree of confidence in the results.


The written report presents analysis results graphically as color plots and multimedia animations accessible via a secured custom webpage. Project files are sent to you by e-mail or uploaded to a secure website.