Research and development projects


17m aluminium catamaran


We have gained a lot of practical knowledge from previous R&D work (acting as both participants here, and as subcontractors), and are particularly interested in participating in new projects. We have a few ideas, but we would also be perfectly happy to join other companies' concepts if they are relevant. Our rôle normally would have to be in these areas: administration, 3D design or structural design, production aspects.


In some cases, it may be possible for Toptech to obtain joint funding with our partners through Norwegian, Nordic or European Union research schemes.


Our current priorities in this area are in the fields of:

global analysis of any thin-shell structures

applications for high-strength laminated concrete

production methods for boat construction


In theory, it is also possible for us to work on the development of new ship types - on the condition that we do not get into a conflict of interest situation with previous clients.