Other structural projects, composite structures


Axle deflections      Axle stresses


We are probably best at preliminary design and relatively sophisticated optimisation. In many cases, this is also the most rewarding work for us, in terms of job satisfaction, and for our clients, in terms of cost savings.


Bending stresses in strut connection


However, we have also carried out a wide variety of 'conventional' finite-element analyses. Steel, aluminium or advanced composite structures, large or small, are no problem.


Subsea structure


Quite a lot of our work has involved classification requirements for high-speed ferries, both finite-element analyses and straightforward calculation of structural dimensions.


Engine bearers


We have access to the VERES program for calculating ship motions and loads, and we can provide services in that area. More info here - press 'back' to return.



We call in specialist expertise for tricky problems when and if the need arises.