3-dimensional modelling - ships, boats, vehicles, components


 17m high speed catamaran


We have a long and ongoing interest in mathematical description and graphic modelling of ships, boats and components. Perhaps it can be called a fascination for aesthetically beautiful forms.


To a certain extent, the software used is no less important than the user's mental vision of the complete object. We have many software options available to us, and we can always choose an appropriate approach to fit the task and particular requirements to file formats.


All of our modelling is done using 'relational geometry' which is well adapted to the modeling of complex, freeform surfaces, and construction of accurate, durable joins between curve and surface objects.


The precise geometric models have parametric degrees of freedom combined with constrained, automatically maintained geometric properties.




Although Toptech has relatively limited human resources, the people in our network are very experienced, and there is no real upper limit to the size or complexity of jobs we can take on.


We can also provide top quality, low-cost assistance in 3-D modelling to small and medium-sized businesses.